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Birdie League

Shuter in Top Spot!
Two good results have seen Lee Shuter take a commanding lead.  It will take a special score, or a disaster for him to be caught now.  Has he done enough?  Or is there still more to come from the chasing pack?  We will find out on the 19th at Bentley Golf Club.

1st Shuter, Lee 62
2nd Bryan, Jamie 55
3rd Vass, Scott 52
4th Evans II, Paul 44
5th Mercer, Dave 44
6th Stroud, Phil 41
7th Botterell, Peter 40
8th Shedley, Brian 40
9th Tang, Kar Wai 38
10th Shaw, Martin 38
11th Evans, Paul 37
12th Holmes, Phil 37
13th Gray, Gordon 37
14th Russell, Derek 34
15th Stroud, Roger 32
16th Rochester, John 25
17th Cato, Mark 23
18th Mercer, Andrew 22
19th Challenor, Ken 22
20th Morris, Ian 21
21st Chapman, Mark 19
22nd Hanchett, Kevin 18
23rd Brunton, Ken 17
24th Bird, Barry 15
25th Evans, Brian 15
26th Evans, Mark 10
27th Steven Wolfe 10
28th Wall, Ben 8
29th Moore, James 7
30th Brett, Mick 6
31st Dexter, Gerry 4
32nd Stephenson, David 3
33rd Harvey, Keith 3

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