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Wessex Cup

Singles Matchplay

Wessex Cup 2005
Please find below the amended draw for 2005. The format is the same as always, with the handicap allowance being the full difference between the two handicaps.  The home player is the one on the left, and is responsible for contacting the away player, and booking up the golf course etc.
Please try play your games as soon as you can so that we can make up for lost time.

ROUND 2 (To be played by 15th June)

John Rochester or Keith Harvey    v    Phil Holmes or Mark Chapman

Lee Davine or Brian Shedley         v    Martin Shaw

Phil Stroud                                  v    Mick Brett or Mark Evans

Derek Russell                              v    Paul Evans II

Scott Vass                                  v    Gerry Dexter or Paul Evans

Dave Mercer                                v    Gordon Gray

Andrew Mercer                            v     Kevin Hanchett

Ken Challenor or Roger Stroud      v    James Moore or Ken Brunton

QUARTER FINALS (To be played by 15th July)

John Rochester                           v     L Davine/B Shedley or Martin Shaw

Phil Stroud                                  v     Derek Russell or Paul Evans II

Paul Evans I                                v     Gordon Gray 

Andrew Mercer                            v      Ken Challenor or Roger Stroud

SEMI FINALS (To be played by 15th August)

FINAL (To be played by 15th September )

CHAMPION 2005 :        ???

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