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RULES - Your questions answered

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It's a complicated game, and there are many obscure rules.  As a consequence, there are often disputes about rules in both friendly and competitive matches.  This can often result in people scoring points when they shouldn't have, or not scoring when they should.
This Forum has been set up to help members who are unsure clarify certain rules, which should  in turn greatly improve the enjoyment of everyone.
Please remember, if you are out on the course and an issues arises, make note of it on your scorecard, and discuss the issue when you get in the clubhouse.  This should enable you to get the correct ruling without being disqualified.

Q. I recently teed off from in front of the yellow posts as the ground was so uneven on the tee that i couldn't get a good stance, is this ok?
A. The ball can not be played from in front of the two tee markers.  You are permitted to play the ball any where between the two markers, and up to two club lengths back from the line between the two posts. 
Penalty - Loss of whole in Matchplay, 2 stroke penalty in stroke play / stapleford.

Q. What should i do if i think i have lost my ball, but am not sure?
A. If a player has hit a ball and believes it to be lost, he can hit a provisional ball from the spot where the original ball was played.  He must declare that the ball is a provisional ball to his marker, or other players in his group.  If the player fails to declare his ball a provisional ball, the his first ball will be deemed lost, as soon as he sits the second ball, regardless of weather it is found or not. The penalty for a lost ball is stroke and distance. So if it was your tee shot, your next shot would be your third.
A player who declares he is playing a provisional, must play the original ball if it is found.
Penalty for breach of this rule is loss of hole in matchplay, or a two stroke penalty in stroke play or stapleford.

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